Promotion & Sales

The sale, promotion and direction of a band is very important, to make it work then you have to get the right image across. We here at Dusted Productions are very fortunate to have built up a lot of contacts over the years, we are now avalible to help you get your band to the place it needs to be. From the all important radio play to the live shows, tours, design and merchndise, this is somthing that we feel we do right and to make a group or artist work this has to be presented in a way to best suit the artist and understood by the listeners.


  • Radio Promotions
  • Live Shows
  • Artwork
  • Image
  • Press
  • Releasing Material 
Promotion images
China Red Album Cover,             BBC Radio 1 Playlist,                                      Paper Doll Westfield Tour

New Synced Music

Looking forward to working on new music for our next sync..