Our repertoire of artists, bands and singers vary accross all genres from classical to pop, dance and rock. All projects we have been involved in have reached National and Local radio stations such as BBCR1 daytime playlist to Free radio and Internet stations. Getting the best out of all the projects we are involved in and always striving for perfection.

"I was lucky to be working in a energetic positive environment with a skilled professional that was able to add the necessary 'je-na-sais-quoi.' The whole experience was effortless, fun and productive! As John's fortune is widely varied with his skills being composing, producing and mixing- he provided a focused, exciting and creative workspace.
        John's attention to detail is what separates him from other working producers; his ability to differentiate the smallest of details to enhance the overall production and his flexibility to play around for as long as it takes until the 'right' sound is captured.
        I would recommend John hands down as the finished song was more than what I was hoping and the journey getting there was bags of fun and laughter! He truley helps bring your music to life!"


New Synced Music

Looking forward to working on new music for our next sync..